About us

With great experience and know-how, combined with professionalism and seriousness developed in many years of activity, our company represents market leaders of various industrial sectors. 

We work in the plastic sector, as well as in the industry of electrical cables and non-ferrous wires, offering high-quality machines capable of meeting the needs of the highest technological standards, together with highly qualified and customized support.

Our main goal is to offer our clients a complete service, starting from simple information to more extensive and specialized consulting, specifically designed for the personal needs of a clientele staying in line with the times.

Beside specialized consulting and support on site, we also offer an always efficient, flexible and available team, capable of promptly responding to the changing needs of a constantly evolving market.

Thank to these characteristics we can enjoy the trust of the most important companies of the sectors, with which we developed since many years a fruitful relationship of cooperation.

These values are still guiding us today in our daily work. We hope this approach can be appreciated by our future clients as well.

Your partner since 1964